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We work with housing associations, local authorities and ALMOs to ensure that all courses meet the needs of the organisation and individuals, whether employees, tenants or board members. Courses range from 1 day to 12 months and can be delivered face to face and by blended learning – we will deliver what you want when you want it.


CIH Professional Qualifications 

Abode is the only accredited CIH training provider in the North East to currently offer the Level 4 Certificate in Housing and the new Level 5 Diploma in Housing, which provides full professional membership of CIH. We also offer the Level 3 Certificate in Housing Practice and can deliver other CIH qualifications if requested by an organisation.

Find out more about CIH housing qualifications here.    

Housing Apprenticeships

We can work with housing employers to design Housing and Property Apprenticeship programmes at Levels 2, 3 and 4 which specifically meet the needs of the organisation and its employees.


Short and tailored courses

We offer short half day and one day courses covering various aspects of housing policy and practice which are designed to keep officers up to date with essential knowlege at affordable rates.  Any of the courses can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific organisation and delivered in-house. Find details of our current programme of short courses here.



We possess more than 40 years’ combined experience working in the housing and voluntary sectors. Our expert team is experienced in policy development and implementation, housing practice, sustainability, community involvement and change and performance management.


Contact us today for more information, to enrol or explore our upcoming courses:  abodetraining@gmail.com





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Welcome to Abode - the home of education and training for the housing and community sectors


Welcome to Abode – the home of education and training for the housing and community sectors. Our highly experienced trainers offer a range of courses and accreditations for the continuous professional development of housing and community organisation staff, residents and volunteers.